Information Technology

T & T Manufacturing, LLC. has a two person IT Department to ensure all of the mission critical systems are up and running 24/7.

The IT Department is there to make sure all systems work in all departments so IT related downtime is kept to a minimum.

T & T Manufacturing, LLC’s IT Department is well versed in current security practices as well. They ensure that the terabytes of data stored is encrypted, backed up, and available to all staff. There is a dedicated Server Room (right) with redundant air conditioning and redundant power. Within the server room, there are several sensors detecting anything from power loss to temperature problems. These sensors will email the IT Staff if there are any issues within the server room to prevent the servers from negative conditions.

You can rest easy knowing that with T & T Manufacturing, LLC’s IT Department, any projects we work on for you will be available & secured.

Tucker McCumber, IT Director

Tucker McCumber

Tucker McCumber