Conveying Equipment

Having developed a vast amount of experience in conveying equipment, T&T Manufacturing has been building custom conveying equipment since 1992. These have ranged from small simplistic conveyors to much larger complex applications including complete lines. From customer design or our own; we have built, assembled, wired, plumbed or accomplished any variable based on the customer’s direction. When looking for a high quality, experienced conveyor manufacturer, contact us and we can help. References are available upon request.

Our business continues to grow year after year in all areas, but especially in the fabrication of major equipment. We have the ability to design and build per your prints or ours. We deal with many customers in the OSB Industry, however our business extends to many other customers including 3M, Caterpillar, Bobcat, and Yamaha to mention a few. We like to think we have evolved into a one stop shop for our customers.