Replacement Parts

T&T Manufacturing has provided quality replacement parts for the Panelboard Industry for nearly 20 years. In addition, we service our customers with a variety of repair work, special equipment and modifications, as well as, fabrication services. We provide parts and service to plants producing OSB, MDF, Particle Board, Engineered Lumber, and Gypsum Board. We have engineered drawings on over 1500 replacement parts for equipment; such as waferizers and stranders, and debarkers, forming lines, various hogs, shredders, hammer mills, presses, saw lines, creasers, and miscellaneous other equipment in these types of plants. We also manufacture roller chain guide and various chain attachments.

In most cases, through discussions and development with our customers, T&T Manufacturing has enhanced the quality of many of these parts through improved designs, higher quality material, different processes such as heat treating or plating. We do not jeopardize the integrity of the part or machinery that the parts are used on. A good example of this is our knife clamps for the CAE waferizer seen on the Knife Clamps and Components page. Our replacement parts catalog can be found by clicking here.