Specialty Equipment for Wood Processing

T&T Manufacturing has been engineering and manufacturing custom equipment for paper, pulp, sawmill, engineered wood, and panel processing industries for over 30 years. Please contact us for any custom equipment you are considering. We can help you with the design and production of specialized equipment for many pulp, wood, engineered wood, or panel processing needs.

Past projects have included:Panel Stackers

  • Conveyor Lines
  • Paper Unwind/Overlay Equipment
  • Fly-In Cut Off Saw
  • Retrofit Metering Bins
  • Paper Shears
  • Knife Grinding Equipment
  • Transfer Conveyors
  • Strand Orientation Equipment
  • OEM Equipment Modifications
  • Custom Logo Paint Templates
Panel Transfer & Stacking

Panel Transfer & Stacking

Panel Conveying Equipment

Panel Conveying Equipment